Rockwell Land delivers beyond ordinary masterpiece for Kapampangans

By Amy R. Remo | @amyremoINQ

The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo is named after one of Pampanga’s own, renowned Philippine National Artist Vicente “Enteng” Manansala

It has built a remarkable legacy that set the gold standard for beyond ordinary communities.

Rockwell Land, over the last 26 years, has carved a niche in the highly cutthroat real estate industry as it created a distinct stamp of excellence, elegance and exclusivity that placed it well in a league of its own. Its flagship development, the 19.1-ha Rockwell Center in Makati City, has become a picture of a true self-sustaining, thriving community by all measures—sophisticated residences, mall with expertly curated retail and dining options, premium grade offices, leisure hubs, and lush open spaces fittingly interwoven within a safe and secure neighborhood.

Every new project launch from Rockwell Land thus comes highly anticipated, as it’s not only another stunning reveal of artistry, but also a show of commitment to further elevate lifestyles in a modern, urban space.

Continuing legacy

Today, Rockwell Land continues that remarkable legacy—this time, bringing its distinct signature lifestyle closer to its select crop of well-heeled markets outside Metro Manila. From Cebu, Laguna, Batangas to Negros Occidental, Rockwell has begun creating communities that bear that same distinct stamp, style and character that many have come to know and aspire for.

Its latest foray outside the capital region will be no different, for sure. Setting its sights on Central Luzon, Rockwell Land makes a graceful expansion to the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, creating the beginnings of another self-sustaining, beyond ordinary community.

The 3.6-ha Rockwell Center Nepo in Angeles, Pampanga—no doubt, another crowning achievement from this high-end developer—will allow the highly discerning to embrace a lifestyle celebrating Pampanga’s rich culture and heritage and bearing Rockwell’s signature touch.

Rockwell Land has partnered with the Nepomuceno family through its realty group, Juan D. Nepomuceno Sons Inc. which contributed land, funding and longstanding business expertise for this milestone development. For its part, Rockwell will use its wealth of experience in creating well-appointed, self-sustaining communities to transform the 3.6-ha property within the bustling Nepo Center, earmarking P4.5 billion for the residential component alone.

Gateway to the north

Favorable economic conditions and ongoing developments made Pampanga, touted as the gateway to the north, a compelling choice for Rockwell, said Rinna Tiu, Assistant Vice President and Project Director for Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles.

“Aside from its proximity to Metro Manila and (its) strategic location of being the gateway to the north, the continuous development of the region and its growing economy made it a logical choice for Rockwell to make its debut up north in Central Luzon. With the completion and opening of the new Clark airport, the launch of the NLEx-SLEx connector, and the construction of the North-South Commuter Rail project, Pampanga became even more accessible to Luzon and even the world via air, rail, or car,” Tiu explained.

Rockwell Pampanga

Rockwell Center Makati

Beyond improving connectivity, the completion of these key infrastructure projects will also help boost land values in the area—all the more making it an attractive destination not only for businesses but also for individual investors wanting to benefit from real estate capital gains.

“We also found Angeles to be the most suitable to our vision because of its central location. At the heart of Pampanga, it takes us closer to the north and central regions of Luzon and its consistent progress, coupled with its subtle charm, only made it more attractive for us to build something beyond ordinary here. It will only be a matter of time before Pampanga becomes a preferred destination not just for investors but homebuyers as well,” Tiu explained.

“Rockwell is known for offering a signature lifestyle that caters to a well-heeled set, and we are excited to bring this experience to this discerning and deserving market in Central Luzon,” she said. “Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles will be distinctly Kapampangan—modern Filipino with the Rockwell touch—offering a fine way of life taken to new heights. The Central Luzon market is also very much the kind that Rockwell caters to, and infusing their culture into what we can offer seems only natural.”

‘Distinctly Rockwell’

Rockwell Center Nepo will naturally bear all the elements that will make it distinctly Rockwell—from its spacious units, elegant finishes, world class amenities, lush wide open spaces, a retail component, safety and security features, to its unparalleled after sales service—while still paying homage to the cultural heritage of Pampanga.Rockwell Pampanga real estate

The 3.6-ha Rockwell Center Nepo in Angeles, Pampanga, is a perfect complement to Central Luzon’s growing economy.

Currently, the masterplan for the first Rockwell Center outside Makati includes three mid-rise residential buildings and the second Power Plant Mall, where one will find curated retail and food and beverage brands that offer a similar taste of its flagship establishment. The mall is set to complement the surrounding retail and office developments within Nepo Center.Rockwell Pampanga property

Rockwell Center Nepo will naturally bear all the elements that will make it distinctly Rockwell.

“Kapampangans are known to have an affinity for the finer things in life, and are proud of what they have to offer. The Power Plant Mall in Makati City has become a beloved retail destination for its distinct shopping and dining experiences, and we find that it is only fitting to deliver the same to the region. With the region’s discerning market, Rockwell’s signature lifestyle is something that will find its footing here and will truly evolve to thrive,” Tiu said.

Well-appointed spaces

And just earlier this month, Rockwell unveiled its first residential project called The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, named after renowned Philippine National Artist Vicente “Enteng” Manansala, who was born and raised in Pampanga.

Given Rockwell’s adherence to art and fine living, it is only fitting for the first Rockwell address in Angeles to be named after Pampanga’s own.

Tiu said they have seen such a warm reception of The Manansala that they are now currently 50 percent sold since the official launch last Sept. 9. To sustain the momentum, Tiu said they are now looking to launch the second residential building next year.

Future residents can find well-appointed spaces within this 15-story residence, offering a refined comfort, elegance and exclusivity to suit the Kapampangans’ discerning tastes. On offer are 206 units, in one- to three-bedroom cuts and with sizes ranging from 45 sqm to 128 sqm. This translates to only 14 units per typical floor.

Each unit—which will have a 3-meter ceiling height—comes with exceptional finishes, glass sliding door for the balcony, and an open kitchen layout. This, Tiu said, was meant to provide plenty of space within the residences, enabling The Manansala “to ease the transition from a house to a condo.”

“We want our residents to feel that their homes are a peaceful respite in the middle of a city. Our units will have an open floor plan with high ceilings, to create spacious shared areas within the home. Sliding doors that open up to generous balconies will also be incorporated for a smooth transition of their indoor and outdoor spaces. This allows fresh air and Pampanga’s stunning views to become more accessible to our residents,” Tiu noted.

Exclusive access

With your unit also comes the privilege of having exclusive access to amenities that include a fitness gym, a multi-purpose court, lap pool, and yoga and quiet gardens to cater to your fitness needs; a function room, play area, barbecue area, and family and kiddie pools to provide spaces for bonding; resort-themed clubhouse; and a generous lawn with lush landscaping to add to the open spaces that make up 70 percent of the property.

Similar to Rockwell Center in Makati, residents will likewise have exclusive access to an underground passage that leads directly to the mall, further affording them a seamless and convenient experience within the community. The development will also have Rockwell’s distinctive 100 percent back up power and dedicated in-house property management and leasing teams.

An experienced Property Management Team will ensure that The Manansala at Rockwell Center Nepo, set to be turned over by June 2026, will remain a serene enclave befitting the upscale market, while its dedicated Residential Leasing Team will cater to those looking to invest in the units for rent.

“With 70 percent of open spaces dedicated to sprawling gardens and amenities, residents will still be able to enjoy the outdoors while they embrace condo living. We want to take hold of the opportunity to introduce Rockwell’s 100 percent Lifestyle, where we create a city within a city—complete and self-sustaining community wherein our residents need not go far from their homes for the things they need to do, whether to shop or to work,” Tiu explained.

“Pampanga is a province rich in culture and heritage, and we now have an opportunity to introduce the Rockwell lifestyle to Angeles. Residents will find that all their needs are in one place, all within walking distance, and visitors will surely enjoy the mall’s curated retail offerings. Our distinct lifestyle suits the Kapampangans’ discerning tastes, and we look forward to them enjoying the elevated experiences we offer,” she concluded.

With all the exciting infrastructure and economic developments underway, and Rockwell’s promise of bringing its distinct beyond ordinary lifestyle here, there’s really no more opportune time to be in Pampanga than today.


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