Three Condo Unit Sizes To Consider: A Checklist for Buyers

Property is one of the biggest purchases that most individuals will make: whether it’s your primary home or one of several investments to add to your real estate portfolio.

Whatever your objective is, it pays to carefully assess your unique needs so you can make a confident purchase decision. And when it comes to condo unit sizes, a spacious–and well-designed–living space in your future home really does matter. Are there sufficient bedrooms for your household? Will the unit accommodate future needs? If you decide to make your unit as an investment, what is your target rental income?

In this article, we list down the basic types of condo units, average sizes, and other considerations for buyers or investors.

The One-Bedroom Unit

Best for: solo dwellers, newlyweds, and other smaller households, investors

Typical sizes: 

For smaller households, one-bedroom units provide a larger option, as well as the added privacy of a closed-off room. In the Philippines, one-bedroom condo unit sizes range from just under 30 square meters to footprints that are closer to the average size of 50 square meters.

At Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles in Pampanga, the first Rockwell Center located outside Metro Manila, investors can find spacious one-bedroom units at The Manansala. 

Why purchase a one-bedroom unit?

Depending on your needs, one-bedroom condominium units provide additional space for more functions. For example, a remote-working professional can add a home office to the sizable living area, while an expectant couple can benefit from a larger bedroom to accommodate a newborn. 

By virtue of its size, one-bedroom units, as with studios, require smaller maintenance costs, when weighed against two or three-bedroom spaces.

For investors, one-bedroom condominiums can of course command a higher rental income than studios while attracting a similar market of prospect renters as the latter.

The Two-Bedroom Unit

Best for: families, mid-sized households, investors

Typical sizes: 

As with other unit sizes, two-bedroom units can vary in size depending on the development. Other properties in the market, for example, can run smaller with footprints below 50 square meters. 

At The Manansala, two-bedroom units offer generous cuts that start at 80 square meters and go up to 98 square meters.  

Why purchase a two-bedroom unit?

Larger families (those expanding their brood or with older members), not to mention households with two or more adults are some examples of residents best suited to a two-bedroom home.

And while the maintenance for a larger unit is higher, investors can certainly consider a two-bedroom unit to attract a wider range of renters. 

The Three-Bedroom Unit

Best for: larger families and households, investors

Typical sizes: 

Most condominium developments in the Philippines offer three-bedroom units as their largest available property option. And as with the previous unit types, sizes can vary widely. For example, smaller units in the market can certainly run below 100 square meters. 

Three-bedroom units at The Manansala offer 128 square meters of floor area, as well as two balconies. 

Why purchase a three-bedroom unit?

Apart from more privacy for household members, three-bedroom units also provide space for more activities at home: a dedicated home office or study, a home gym, a guest bedroom. 

These units also offer the largest rental income for potential investors.

Choose from various condo unit sizes at The Manansala

Whichever unit type and cut you choose, a home at The Manansala comes with all the features that discerning buyers seek in a condominium unit. 

With 15 stories and 206 units, future residents can look forward to the best of Pampanga living in their very own thoughtfully designed home, featuring a generous three-meter ceiling height, a balcony in every unit, and an open kitchen layout.

And like its namesake in Rockwell Center Makati, the development has all the hallmarks of the trademark Rockwell Lifestyle.

Moreover, residents can benefit from the stringent security and privacy, 100% back-up power, ample amenities for rest and relaxation, as well as access to the first Power Plant Mall outside Metro Manila.

To learn more about this exciting new 4.5 hectare development in progressive Pampanga, download the Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles e-brochure or contact Rockwell Land today.

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