Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Pampanga

Pampanga is seeing massive progress as an emerging economic center. The region, also known as the culinary capital of the Philippines as well as the site of key historical landmarks, is fast making its mark as an attractive option for living and working.

We share three reasons why you should invest in Pampanga and reap the benefits of this progressive city.

Pampanga’s cultural heritage

Amid the trappings of modernity and urban development, cities steeped in a storied past become all the more appealing. Pampanga’s culinary background and classic architecture are an ode to a complex regional history going back centuries. 

Along the way, notable Kapampangan artists, writers, chefs, and public figures have contributed to the allure of the region and its contributions to Philippine culture and history. Prominent individuals include the National Artist, Vicente Manansala; the historian, Ambeth Ocampo; the former chief justice, Jose Abad Santos; and of course a host of talented chefs who have made a mark in the Philippine culinary scene including Gene Gonzalez, Dennis Lim, Howard Dizon Cherry Pasion-Tan, Judy Uson, Nico Bailon, and Claude Tayag.

Today, Pampanga’s architecture, iconic cuisine, art, and history continue to characterize a region that is seeing massive development. 

For investors, Pampanga not only tells a great story, it is a place that is just as in touch with its past as its future—and the promise it holds.

The “Next Economic Seat” of the Philippines

Demand for industrial, office, commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces in what is touted as the Pampanga Golden Triangle is expected to increase. Already, major property developers are building industrial and commercial districts in Clark and San Fernando; hotels in Mabalacat and Angeles; and residential projects in all three cities and seven municipalities.  

For real estate investors, this boom will create a demand for housing. It also offers an attractive option to Metro Manila property. 

End-users who intend to live and work in Pampanga will likewise benefit from the increase in work and business opportunities, as well as a greater quality of living for their respective families.

A master-planned community

The development of Pampanga is integral to the Philippine government’s decentralization plan to decongest cities like Metro Manila. 

A key feature of this is the master planned community, one that allows residents to enjoy greater mobility and convenience, where centers for business, residential communities, retail and leisure destinations, schools and hospitals converge in one place.

The development of Pampanga’s ecopolis (environmental and heritage tourism) and the aquapolis (waterfront and aquaculture development) will result in an increase in tourism destinations. The re-development efforts will specifically focus on the Candaba Wetland and Nature Park, the Mt. Arayat Eco-Adventure Park, and the Floridablanca Astroscience Center. 

For investors, a property in a master-planned city presents an opportunity to see a healthy value appreciation over time as the area continues to grow economically, further strengthening the case for why one should invest in Pampanga

Enjoy the signature Rockwell Lifestyle in Pampanga

Rockwell Land has always been at the forefront of building developments in the country’s most progressive and emerging cities. Pampanga joins the throng of Rockwell’s growing portfolio with the introduction of Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles, the first Rockwell Center located outside Metro Manila.

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles in many ways mirrors the master planned features of Pampanga while delivering the trademark Rockwell lifestyle. Covering 4.5 hectares of land, the development includes residential, commercial, and office buildings that cater to every aspect of life and work. This includes The Manansala and The BenCab residential buildings and the first Rockwell Power Plant Mall outside Metro Manila.

Investors like yourself can choose from high-ceilinged residential units that feature Rockwell’s distinct design coupled with top notch safety and security, and exclusivity and privacy. 

From studio to three bedroom units that each range in a variety of sizes, there are generous options to choose from. And whether you choose to rent out a unit or lease it at a later time, the historical performance of Rockwell developments points to rising values per square meter, and by extension, rising rental values.

Apart from the well-appointed residential units, residents can enjoy generous amenities. With three swimming pools to choose from, a gym, and a multi-purpose court, there are plenty of well-equipped facilities for staying active. For outdoor rest and relaxation, the great lawn and yoga area provide greenery and ample space for quiet moments. And for bonding activities with loved ones, the play and barbecue areas lets you enjoy time with family.

And if you wish to take some time off to enjoy some retail therapy or to dine out, the Power Plant Mall offers a curated experience for discerning shoppers.

Learn more about Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles and more compelling reasons why you should invest in Pampanga by contacting Rockwell Land today. You may also download the e-brochure here.

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