Top 3 Reasons Why Pampanga is one of the Fastest Growing Cities in the Philippines

As developers create communities in more key cities across the country, investors now have more options to choose from in addition to Metro Manila.

As such, decongesting the metropolis has long been a goal for the Philippine government—and Pampanga has been at the center of one of the country’s key development projects, a booming megalopolis that marries economic growth with a strong historical heritage.

Now why is Pampanga one of the fast growing cities in the Philippines? We list three key reasons why it will become the country’s next economic corridor.

Development in key economic areas

The plan to grow Pampanga into a metropolis will focus on four areas of economic activity: agriculture (agropolis), environment and heritage tourism (ecopolis), waterfront and aquaculture (aquapolis), and an airport-centered district specializing in business, logistics, technology, innovation and education (aeropolis).

The aeropolis in particular is centered in the Pampanga Golden Triangle, an area around Clark International Airport (CIA), comprised of the cities of Angeles, San Fernando and Mabalacat, the municipalities of Mexico, Porac, Floridablanca, Lubao, Guagua, Santa Rita and Bacolor, and the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone.

A growing business and residential zone

In addition to business, Pampanga’s viability as a residential district is contingent on its strategic location. Current and future residents can benefit from access to existing infrastructure. 

This includes the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), as well as continuing developments like the North-South Commuter Railway, the Subic-Clark Cargo Railway, the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road, and Skyway Stage 3.

Alongside these developments, demand for industrial, office, commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces in the Pampanga Golden Triangle is expected to increase.  

All these developments will fittingly earn Pampanga the status of “Gateway of Asia,” as one of the more secure and livable places to reside in the Philippines.

A future-ready development plan

Here’s another reason why Pampanga is one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines.

Part of the region’s development plan calls for identifying water supply sources for the megalopolis, as well as designing flood protection measures.

In fact, a series of reservoirs are planned to manage flooding during the rainy season while doubling as a source of water in the dry season. Furthermore, investments in city and municipality water treatment plants and distribution systems will help in the better management of waste-water problems and provide clean water for the growing community.

Pampanga’s development plan will also benefit from increased economic activity and opportunities thanks to an expected boom in investments. 

What does this mean for future residents? A compelling alternative to key cities like Metro Manila where individuals and families can live, work, and grow along with the city.

Make your home in the next Philippine megalopolis

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles will make its mark not only as the first Rockwell Center outside Metro Manila, but as a distinct real estate development amid Pampanga’s massive development as one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines.

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles will cover 4.5 hectares of residential, commercial, and office space. It will have all the hallmarks of a Rockwell development: exclusivity and privacy, safety and security, and topnotch amenities that encourage work-life balance and close-knit community living.

Above all, the Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is built on more than 25 years of expert experience from one the country’s most reputable developers.

For Pampanga’ future residents, The Manansala, named after the renowned Kapampangan artist, Vicente Manansala, offers 206 well-designed and generous-sized condominium units that offer striking views of Mt. Arayat and the Zambales mountain range.

Units on offer start at 45 square meter for a one-bedroom unit, perfect for young professionals or solo dwellers looking to enjoy the modern urban lifestyle of progressive Pampanga. 

On the other hand larger households will feel right at home in the two-bedroom units, which start at 80 square meters, or a three-bedroom unit with an ample 128 square meters of space.

Future residents of the Manansala will also benefit from the upscale building features: three high speed elevators; 100% back-up power; CCTV monitoring; as well as an automatic fire detection, fire alarm, and sprinkler system.

The generous amenities include everything one needs for rest, relaxation, and recreation. A great lawn and a yoga and quiet garden offer green spaces to wind down in. The fitness gym, multi-purpose court, and three swimming pools provides plenty of options for working-out and for play. And at the heart of it all, the Central Clubhouse is a light-drenched, modern hub built for lounging with friends or family.

Finally, Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles houses the first Power Plant Mall outside Metro Manila. And like its namesake in Rockwell Center Makati, residents can offer a distinct shopping and dining experience that perfectly complements the signature Rockwell Lifestyle.
Interested in finding a discerning home in the country’s next seat of progress? Contact Rockwell Land today to find a unit that best suits your needs, or download the e-brochure here.

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