Top 5 Advantages of Condo Living

Condo living is a vestige of modern life, one that has gotten even better as home security improves; as communities become more integral to the demands of work and life; and as design evolves to become more flexible and space-efficient even amid ever growing cities.

That is why the advantages of condo living have become more attractive than ever. Whether you are in the market for a condominium unit to own or to rent out for income, we explore five of its key advantages.

More affordable than buying, and maintaining a house and lot

Although a vacant lot typically provides more area than a condominium unit, especially accounting for the land area itself and the total floor area of the house, a condominium unit, albeit smaller, usually costs less.

With a vacant lot, there are construction costs to consider. This includes materials, design fees, and other logistical expenses. And once you have built your home, which in itself will cover a period that can span months, its maintenance goes beyond the interiors. This may include: landscaping, pool maintenance, roof maintenance, and other repairs that come with natural wear and tear over the years.

However, no real estate is without its maintenance requirements, condominium units included, but with association dues covering the upkeep of common areas and amenities, you can focus attention on your unit. 

At the 4.5-hectare Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles in Pampanga, the first Rockwell Center outside Metro Manila, condo buyers or investors can choose from 206 well-designed units at The Manansala.

There is no need to think about construction when you purchase during the pre-selling period. Moreover, homeowners can expect the delivered unit to exhibit the distinct design aesthetic and top-notch finishes that Rockwell properties have come to be known for.


One of the advantages of condo living is the benefit of residing in a master-planned community. These communities usually include all the creature comforts: access to commercial establishments including essential stores like groceries and pharmacies; the availability of amenities for leisure activities; and in some communities, its own business center, if not a close proximity to other areas of commerce. 

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is located in economically booming Angeles City. The development can be easily accessed via NLEX and SCTEX. Furthermore, schools and universities (Brent International School, Holy Family Academy, Angeles University), commercial centers, hospitals (Sacred Heart Medical Center, The Medical Center), and leisure destinations (Mimosa Golf and Country Club, Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Fontana Park) occupy the surrounding areas. Clark International Airport is another key landmark of the development.

Sense of Community

And while the conveniences represent one benefit, the greater sense of community makes condo living conducive to building social connections. Children of young families can meet in parks and playgrounds. Neighbors can congregate in local restaurants. 

Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles epitomizes this strong sense of community and integrated living by bringing together residential, work, and lifestyle spaces in one thoughtfully-planned space.

Like the pioneering Rockwell Center in Makati, the community also has its own Power Plant Mall, which residents can visit through exclusive, underground access. ​​

Exclusive amenities

Shared amenities are hallmarks of condo living, and in Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles, these are taken up a notch with generous provisions for rest and relaxation, sports and recreation.

Residents of The Manansala can enjoy three swimming pools including a lap pool, family pool, and kiddie pool; a multi-purpose court; a function room; and a state-of-the-art gym–all housed in the modern central clubhouse.

Furthermore, the generous outdoor amenities lend themselves well to quiet time. The garden and yoga area provides pockets of nature where one can wind down and enjoy the greenery.

Greater Sense of Security 

It’s no secret that top-tier condo developments afford a level of security that afford a much sought-after peace of mind for residents. 

If you are planning on going on an extended vacation or business trip, you can free yourself of worries even as your unit is left unoccupied. For larger households, you can be assured of increased safety for younger family members and seniors.

The presence of 24-hour security on top of a CCTV camera system covering all areas of the property makes condo living all the more enticing. And with safety mechanisms in place like a fire detection and sprinkler system, risks to property can be better managed.

The Manansala has all these features, underlining the stringent security and privacy that characterize every Rockwell development.

The smallest unit type, the one-bedroom, starts at 45 square meters and goes up to 55 square meters–plenty of space for a young professional or a two-person household. 

Two-bedroom units feature generous cuts that range anywhere from 80 square meters to 98 square meters. For residents with their own household help, the unit includes a separate room and toilet and bath for this purpose.

Finally, three-bedroom units measure an expansive 128 square meters. The master bedrooms in these units even come with an en-suite bathroom toilet and bath.

Interested in reaping the advantages of condo living at Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles–not to mention enjoying the trademark Rockwell lifestyle? 

Find a unit that fits your unique needs by contacting Rockwell Land today. You may also download the e-brochure here.

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