What to do in Angeles, Pampanga? These activities are sure to satisfy!

Tourists have always looked to Pampanga as a must-visit spot for the region’s legendary cuisine, popular attractions like Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Arayat, as well as annual events like the Lantern Festival and Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Modern developments like the Clark Freeport and Economic Zone, former site of the US bases, have likewise attracted companies and individuals to its business and work opportunities, but also drawn in tourists to its leisure activities.

The highly-urbanized Angeles City is one of Pampanga’s most popular attractions. Now what is there to do in Angeles, Pampanga? We look at three family-friendly activities to consider.

What to do in Angeles, Pampanga

  1. Enjoy a Kapampangan Meal At A Culinary Landmark
  2. A trip to Angeles City would not be complete without a taste of some of its most iconic Kapampangan dishes. Angeles City is home to Aling Lucing’s, which serves arguably one of the most popular plates of sizzling pork sisig in the country. 

    The restaurant is named after the late Lucia Cunanan, who earned the nickname, “Sisig Queen,” has been credited, at different times, with both inventing and reinventing sisig. However, historical records indicate an early mention of sisig in the Vocabulario de la Lengua Pampanga, a dictionary written by Fray Diego Bergano in 1732. Bergano describes the dish as a “vinaigrette salad.” 

    Today, sisig has evolved into a heady combination of chopped pig cheeks, liver, onions, and chili served on a hot plate with calamansi and soy sauce–and Aling Lucing’s has cemented itself in culinary tourism as a key destination to experience the iconic dish.

    Of course, a great plate of sisig can also be had in Pampanga’s other culinary spots. With its distinctly casual ambiance, Mila’s, a former sari-sari store turned carinderia that has been in operation for more than three decades, serves their sisig along with tokwa’t baboy.
    If you prefer a more curated, sit-down dining experience, consider visiting Bale Dutung, which is run by one of Pampanga’s most prominent culinary sons, Chef Claude Tayag, together with his wife, Mary Ann.

    Strictly by reservation, Bale Dutung which translates to “House of Wood,” is acclaimed for their tasting menus featuring carefully-prepared Kapampangan dishes like bringhe and lumpia. The 10-course lechon menu is also a popular crowd-pleaser, which is meant to be enjoyed between Mary Ann’s musings as she entertains guests between courses, and trips to the restaurant’s art gallery, which features works by Tayag himself and masters like Ben Cabrera (BenCab) and HR Ocampo.

    Other restaurants you must try while in Pampanga?

    Chef Sau del Rosario’s 25 Seeds for farm-to-table fare set in an ancestral home. DenLim’s Kitchen, named after self-taught chef and owner Dennis Lim, serves classic Kapampangan fare with a global twist. For example, Lim cooks his lechon Korean-style, along with lettuce leaves, ampalaya, and burong baboy

    And so far as global fare goes, Pampanga doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to offering a variety of cuisines to satisfy discerning tastes. Cuisina de Parilla, diners can enjoy their signature Moroccan Grilled Chicken.

  3. Experience Kapampangan History at a Heritage Site
  4. Angeles City is home to notable heritage sites like the Museo Ning and the Pamintuan Mansion.

    The Museo Ning, which was the former Town Hall of Angeles, was constructed in 1922. Its location, Sto. Rosario, is a historic district itself, with the museum located directly across the 140-year old Holy Rosary Parish Church, a nationally-recognized heritage building.

    Today the museum is a showcase of Angeles City’s history, from its pre-colonial inhabitants all the way to its culinary culture. Managed by the non profit organization, Kuliat Foundation, the museum also hosts cultural events and exhibits.

    The Pamintuan Mansion, which was built in 1890 by Mariano Pamintuan and his wife, Valentina Torres, is witness to key historic events in Pampanga. Known today as the Museum of Philippine Social History, the mansion served various functions at different points in time: one-time headquarters of the Katipunan, General Antonio Luna, and President Emilio Aguinaldo; home for US soldiers during World War II; and satellite office of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, among several others.

    The intricately designed colonial home is a window into the day-to-day of Filipinos past, as seen through its extensive collection of artwork, furniture, accouterments, and other vestiges of colonial life. 

  5. Immerse Yourself in the Great Outdoors

Angeles City also offers outdoor activities to connect you with nature. Surrounded by rock formations, the Puning Hot Springs offer several hot pools with various temperatures and stunning views to complement the R&R experience. Puning Hot Springs also offers unique spa services that include treating guests to a massage while covered in warm sand.  

For a more dynamic outdoor option, the Zoocobia Fun Zoo is a family-friendly destination, which offers everything from giant slides to ziplining. Deca Wakeboard Park, on the other hand, is ideal for both experienced and beginner wakeboarders. Lessons are also offered including courses designed for kids.

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Pampanga has always had much to offer by way of its rich culture, history, and bustling economic growth, making it a viable home for a new crop of Pampanga residents seeking the excitement and progress of this booming region.

So what else is there to do in Angeles, Pampanga? 

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The carefully designed, highly-exclusive community boasts of stringent security; generous amenities that include pocket gardens, various pools, and function areas; and 206 spacious condominium units at The Manansala, which takes its name from famed Kapampangan master painter, Vicente Manansala.  

Located in the business district of Angeles City, Rockwell Center Nepo, Angeles is close to key thoroughfares, schools, places of worship, commercial centers, and leisure destinations.

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