The Glass House at Rockwell at Nepo Center brings Metro Manila flavors to Angeles City, Pampanga

ANGELES CITY, Pampanga — Rockwell at Nepo Center, the joint venture development project between Rockwell Land and Juan D. Nepomuceno (JDN) Realty, is set to open The Glass House at Rockwell at Nepo Center on June 15, serving as an enticing preview of what’s to come as Kapampangans eagerly await the opening of Power Plant Mall Angeles.

Similar to Rockwell’s Glass Houses in Bacolod, Cebu, and Batangas, the Rockwell Nepo Glass House will deliver distinct lifestyle experiences to its locale through curated events and its line up of food and lifestyle brands that will be housed within its space.

The introduction of the Glass House is only the beginning of many more exciting experiences and fresh concepts that Rockwell aims to bring into Pampanga. It is poised to become a vibrant social hub where the local community can come together and celebrate their passion for food and socializing within a sophisticated space. 

The Glass House will start to offer on June 15  The Matcha Tokyo, most well-known for its 100% organic matcha, Kapampangans can indulge in its authentic Japanese tea drink offerings that are perfect for staying cool and refreshed in this summer heat. This will be joined by Mendokoro Ramenba on June 21, who is bringing their famous tonkotsu and miso ramen among other flavorful ramen dishes cooked to satisfy one’s palate. With more brands coming in July such as MOS Burger and Coco Ichibanya, Kapampangans won’t have to worry about having to travel far to be able to indulge in their Metro Manila favorites.

The Rockwell Nepo Glass House will also serve as a place where the Kapampangan community can learn more about what Rockwell has in store for them and what the future Rockwell community will look like, as well as how they can own a property in one of Pampanga’s coveted addresses. 

Located within Rockwell at Nepo Center, a 4.5 hectare mixed-use development in Angeles City, Pampanga, comprised of 78% open space and home to mid-rise residential buildings such as The Manansala and The Bencab with premium amenities, lush open spaces, and the very first expansion of the beloved retail destination in Rockwell Center Makati, Power Plant Mall.

Kapampangans can look forward to the arrival of Power Plant Mall Angeles in 2027, a distinct retail experience—one that seamlessly blends international luxury with local charm, celebrating the unique culture and flavors of Pampanga with delectable dining experiences, and the same ambiance that people have come to love about Power Plant Mall Makati, and while Kapampangans anticipate the opening of Power Plant Mall Angeles, they can explore The Glass House with offerings that can be likened to what they will experience in the mall. 
Visit The Glass House at Rockwell at Nepo Center starting June 15 at Angeles City, Pampanga. To learn more, please visit Rockwell at Nepo Center on Facebook, Instagram, and

Soon to rise: Power Plant Mall Angeles in progressive Pampanga

Written by Amy R. Remo

It was once a bustling trading post and a major sugar producer—even hailed as one of the wealthiest provinces in the country during the Spanish colonial rule.

Over the last century, however, Pampanga has seen remarkable transformations that allowed it to gain fame beyond its culinary prowess, beautiful heritage structures, and rich history. Today, the province is among the biggest contributors to the regional and national economies.

While agriculture remains part of its flourishing, multifaceted economy, Pampanga is now also being driven by tourism, manufacturing, warehousing, real estate, and commerce, which are helping create more opportunities for further growth and affluence.

Economic boom

This continuing economic boom is aptly reflected in Pampanga’s bustling retail landscape.

Throughout its towns and cities, the historic centers and poblacions of the past have evolved into expansive retail districts, leisure centers, and mall complexes. These showcase a blend of local, national, and global brands tailored to the discerning tastes of Kapampangans, who are renowned for their appreciation of luxury and quality.

Pampanga has indeed become a thriving economic center with exciting retail destinations that offer a unique blend of local charm and international flair. Its strategic location—two hours from Metro Manila and a gateway to the other thriving economies of Central Luzon—has made it an attractive destination for businesses looking to tap into the burgeoning market in the north, and for consumers seeking quality products and services.

It should be noted, though, that many of these retail destinations were built not just by the more established national property developers, but even by the town’s most prominent families, who sought to make a difference in their communities.Iconic establishment

In Angeles City for example, the Nepomuceno clan, under the visionary leadership of Juan and Teresa Nepomuceno, built in 1968 the Nepo Mart Commercial Complex.

This iconic establishment—known today as Nepo Center—remains an important central fixture in this city, as it is home to retail hubs like Nepo Mall, Newpoint Mall, Nepo Mart, and Nepo Quad; three office buildings, eNtec1, eNtec2 and Angeles Business Center; as well as offices for the family’s power distribution business.

As investment opportunities abound in Pampanga, established and emerging retail developers and players are capitalizing on the growing demand for high quality shopping experiences.

Rockwell at Nepo Center

Among them is Rockwell Land, which has partnered with the Nepomuceno family, through Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty, to build the first Rockwell Center outside Metro Manila.

Through the 4.5-hectare Rockwell at Nepo Center, this upscale developer is bringing to Angeles its distinct vision and renowned signature lifestyle. This highly exclusive community will soon be home to high end mid-rise condominium projects; prime commercial spaces and offices; sprawling verdant landscapes; and the first Power Plant Mall outside Rockwell’s flagship development in Makati City.

Fresher and finer choices, spread across 30,000 sqm of retail spaces, are now coming to Pampanga through Power Plant Mall Angeles. From high end fashion and specialty stores, supermarkets, health and beauty boutiques, home and leisure concepts, to essential services and dining options, the Power Plant Mall Angeles will ensure an exceptional selection befitting discerning Kapampangans.

Supporting Pampanga’s growth

Besides offering a highly coveted, prestigious address in Pampanga, Rockwell at Nepo Center is also poised to support the continuing growth of Pampanga’s economy.

Quality jobs are seen to be generated by this community, from the construction of the different structures here, up to the expected entry of local and foreign retail brands, office locators, businesses, and residents in Rockwell at Nepo Center.

The Power Plant Mall Angeles alone will contribute to Pampanga’s vibrancy and dynamism. Besides offering retail spaces, this up-and-coming mall will also be offering new “investment products” tailored for investors looking to seize opportunities and capitalize on the growth momentum not only of Angeles, but of Pampanga as well.

After all, Pampanga boasts of a robust economy, a strategic location, and strong purchasing power among residents, which all create a compelling environment for investment and growth.

Rockwell promise

On top of these, mall patrons and investors will also get to enjoy the famed “Rockwell promise” of safety and security, quality infrastructure, convenience, exceptional property management, and remarkable customer service, which will make Power Plant Mall Angeles a hallmark of luxury, sophistication, and leisure in progressive Pampanga.

There is no doubt that the Power Plant Mall Angeles, set to open in 2027, will redefine and further elevate the retail landscape in Central Luzon, bringing with it the promise of a richer, more refined, and more immersive mall experience.

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Strategic partnership fuels growth in Pampanga

Written by Amy R. Remo

The Santo Rosario Church is located at the center of Angeles City’s heritage zone. (BRUNO TIOTUICO/CONTRIBUTOR)

It’s undoubtedly one of the most promising, most competitive provinces today.

Pampanga, famed for its rich gastronomy and festive colorful lanterns, has increasingly been on the radar of many investors today owing to the availability of land and skilled talent pool, conducive business climate, and the continuing aggressive infrastructure build up that would boost the connectivity and attractiveness of the province, such as the new terminal of the Clark International Airport, the NLEx-SLEx Connector Road, and the upcoming North-South Commuter Railway, among others.

Growth centers

Many of its cities and towns today are already benefiting from the promise offered by this progressive province.

The first class, highly urbanized City of Angeles, in particular, has seen its share of progress as it emerges as among the most attractive destinations in the province.

Today, it’s one burgeoning cosmopolitan city, brimming with fresh opportunities set amid a modern yet heritage-rich landscape. There’s a Freeport zone, infrastructure, and numerous options for residential, office, industrial and commercial spaces—on top of its own rich history, fascinating culture, and renowned culinary heritage.Emergence of industries

The Angeles that many know today, however, was once a small settlement named Culiat, which was then part of San Fernando town. It was in the 1800s that Angeles began seeing the emergence of industries, including a sugar mill and wine distillery, which allowed the town to flourish.

By the 1900s, the Nepomucenos, a prominent business and political family, became integral to the development of Angeles City, having founded ventures at that time. Juan de Dios Nepomuceno and wife, Clara Teresa Teodora Gomez first started an ice plant in 1921, followed by the Angeles Electric Plant in 1923. There was also a soft drinks factory, a subdivision and the Nepo Mart, which was started in 1968, then known as the original retailer of imported products or what is colloquially known as “stateside goods.”

These ventures have been credited in helping Angeles become a flourishing city early on.

At present, the Nepomuceno family continues to help fuel the city’s growth with its interests in power distribution (Angeles Electric Corp.); power generation (Angeles Power Inc. and Raslag Corp.); water concession (Teresa Waterworks); residential and commercial real estate (TGN Realty, JDN Sons Inc. and Angeles Industrial Park); and education (Holy Angel University). The Nepo Center, located in the heart of Angeles City’s Central Business District, remains bustling today as it is now a commercial center that houses retail hubs namely Nepo Mall, Newpoint Mall, Nepo Mart and Nepo Quad; three office buildings, eNtec1, eNtec2 and Angeles Business Center; and offices for its power distribution business.

Its latest strategic venture with one of the country’s leading property developers, however, further shows how the family remains committed to helping enhance the city further with a new master planned destination built for the future.

Strategic partnership

Rockwell Land, in partnership with the Nepomuceno family through Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty, is now bringing to the progressive province of Pampanga its distinctive retail and residential offerings as well as its signature emblematic lifestyle through the 4.5-ha Rockwell at Nepo Center.

For its first foray in Central Luzon, Rockwell Land is bringing its wealth of experience and expertise, which created some of the most sought-after, most vibrant addresses today including Rockwell’s high-end flagship project, Rockwell Center Makati. Refined lifestyles and elegant, well-appointed spaces in a self-sustaining community will soon redefine the landscape of the bustling Nepo Center, as Rockwell’s Pampanga masterpiece is planned to have three mid-rise residences, offices, as well as the first Power Plant Mall outside Makati City.

Currently, Rockwell has already launched two residential buildings in its Pampanga development namely The Manansala, a 15-story enclave that pays homage to Pampanga’s Vicente Manansala, and The BenCab at 16 stories, which was named after another acclaimed National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera. Both projects have been received warmly so far not only by Rockwell’s own well-heeled clientele, but also—and more importantly—by the Kapampangans themselves.

While this up and coming community will be distinctly Rockwell, it was designed to pay homage to the cultural heritage of Pampanga—a province known to have an affinity for the finer things in life. Rockwell Land is pulling out all the stops to ensure that this promising development will offer only the finest to cater to the locale’s discerning tastes and preferences.

Future residents, office locators and guests can thus expect nothing less than exceptional—spacious units with exquisite finishes, sophisticated amenities in its condominium projects; pocket parks, sprawling open spaces with lush landscaping and verdant greenery that will allow everyone to readily enjoy the outdoors; curated retail and dining offerings, including homegrown and international brands, that will fill up the Power Plant Mall and commercial spaces; stringent security measures that make it a safe, conducive place to raise families and do business; and of course, its unparalleled after sales services.

Smart, sensible option

If you take a step back, you’ll see more reasons why being at Rockwell at Nepo Center is a smart, sensible option for you.

Besides the fact that Rockwell at Nepo Center can offer a vibrant destination, it will also place you at the heart of Pampanga, the gateway to the north.

This means that Rockwell at Nepo Center will bring you closer to the north and central regions of Luzon while still being conveniently accessible from Metro Manila. It will also allow you to reap the benefits of proximity to key infrastructure projects that will boost connectivity and help prop up land values in the region.Add to that the favorable economic conditions and other ongoing developments, which are all setting up Pampanga into becoming a highly preferred destination, well positioned to secure fresh investments while offering new and exciting opportunities for businesses, investors, local government and even homebuyers.

And Rockwell at Nepo Center will, no doubt, be at the heart of it all, helping the city make significant inroads towards continued progress and sustain that growth momentum in years to come.

Rockwell Land, in partnership with the Nepomuceno family through Juan D. Nepomuceno Realty, is now bringing to Pampanga its distinctive retail and residential offerings as well as its signature emblematic lifestyle through the 4.5-ha Rockwell at Nepo Center. Rockwell has already launched two residential buildings in its Pampanga development namely The Manansala and The BenCab.

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Rockwell at Nepo Center, Angeles: Truly a Kapampangan’s treasure

Written by Amy R. Remo

For more than two decades now, Ronald Manalad has called the United States his home.

Having built what is now a thriving home care business, this successful Filipino entrepreneur and real estate investor often finds himself occupied, managing and maintaining 10 facilities under his US-based venture. Whenever he does find some free time, he spends it mostly on exploring new cuisines and traveling to his favorite destinations, including the Philippines.

Although he has very much settled in the US, Manalad said he still makes it a point to visit his home country at least once a year.

“Generally I travel three times a year, around three weeks at a time. Some places I’ve enjoyed visiting are Dubai and Paris. This year, I have European cruises lined up. But no matter what, I always make time to come to the Philippines,” Manalad shared.

“At least once a year, I would come back here to the Philippines. Apart from seeing family and friends, I also check on the investments I’ve made, especially in real estate. I have properties in Metro Manila that I keep tabs on, but still primarily stay in Angeles City, Pampanga, where I grew up,” he added.

Deep ties

Manalad’s ties with his hometown clearly run deep as Pampanga has always been a natural choice for him whenever he returns to the country for a short visit—so much so, that he even bought two residential units within the 4.5-ha Rockwell at Nepo Center in Angeles, Pampanga.

The Rockwell at Nepo Center marks Rockwell Land’s first foray in Central Luzon, where it seeks to bring its signature touch in creating refined lifestyles, and expertise in building self- sustaining spaces that exude sophistication, elegance and vibrancy. Rockwell has partnered with the Nepomuceno family for this Pampanga masterpiece, which will soon have residences, offices, and the first Power Plant Mall outside Makati City.

Manalad purchased one unit at The Manansala at Rockwell at Nepo Center, a 15-story enclave that pays homage to Pampanga’s Vicente Manansala, a Philippine National Artist. For his second unit, Manalad chose to buy from The BenCab, the second building in Rockwell’s masterplanned development in Pampanga, named after another acclaimed Kapampangan National Artist Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera.

Trust on Rockwell

It was fairly easy for Manalad to trust and bet big on these upcoming Rockwell projects.

His experience with Rockwell goes back to the early 2000s, when he then owned a unit at The Manansala in Rockwell Center Makati. He was among the discerning few who witnessed first-hand how the purveyor of distinct lifestyles was able to raise the benchmark in refined living.

“I got this as an investment, and was happy with how easy it was for me to have it leased out. I’ve since then sold it, but I still have relatives who own units in Makati like at Proscenium and they continue to be happy with their experience,” Manalad shared.

According to Manalad, it was in 2021 that he started seeing ads about Rockwell in Pampanga, in Angeles City in particular.

“Since I was really happy with my experience with my Rockwell property in Makati, it only made sense for me to get one now that they’re here in Pampanga. Initially, I got the unit at The Manansala to stay in during my trips here. Currently, I have a house nearby that I stay at, but having a condo with easier access to my needs—even basement access to the mall—will be more convenient,” Manalad said.

“When The BenCab launched, I realized that this tower had a different view that I liked—the view of Power Plant Mall. The one I got at The Manansala has views of the amenities and the mall too, but this one at The BenCab is right in front of it. Since these units come with balconies, I look forward to spending time resting here or entertaining friends and family.”

“While I primarily got a unit as my halfway home here, I now also have the option to lease one out. Which of the two I intend to keep for myself, I’m still deciding,” he further explained.

The Manansala at Rockwell at Nepo Center, Angeles offers sophisticated spaces well suited to the Kapampangans’ discerning tastes, while The BenCab presents well-appointed units that ensure residents’ exclusivity and privacy.

Units from The Manansala and The BenCab come with high ceilings, an open kitchen layout, as well as premium grade finishes. Glass sliding doors lead out to a balcony that gives you picturesque views—whether it’s of the Zambales Mountain Ranges, Mt. Arayat, the future Power Plant Mall Angeles, or even the Clark Freeport Area. Lush open spaces, pocket gardens, and indulgent amenities are all set to add to that much coveted Rockwell lifestyle.

Prestigious addresses

It’s unsurprising that Manalad was quick to snap up units from these prestigious addresses, which are fast shaping up to be an exclusive enclave befitting a discerning market, and a promising community offering bright prospects for investors and businesses.

After all, Rockwell at Nepo Center is located in a rising economic center that has since become an attractive investment hub owing to the aggressive infrastructure development near and within Pampanga. At the same time, the province presents diverse offerings that will allow anyone to find that ideal middle ground between the hustle of a city and rusticity of the countryside.

“While I’m already settled in the States, I like having a place to call home here too in my hometown. As an investor, I know the value of my properties will only continue to appreciate with the community surrounding it and the developments that are making Angeles City more accessible, like the airport, highways and trains,” he explained.

“When I eventually retire, I think I’ll have longer stays here in the Philippines, maybe months at a time. So as a resident, I look forward to a comfortable and spacious home at Rockwell right here in Angeles City, my hometown,” Manalad said.

For more information, visit the Rockwell at Nepo Center sales lounge at the ground floor of eNtec 1 Building, Angeles City or its website,

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